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Welcome to my gallery!! This gallery is where no man has gone before!

BE WARNED :police:

:icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz: Do not use my artwork stamp by diabolikal-lily Permission Stamp by cinyu Artist Permission by LostKitten Copyright Statement 2 by SophibelleCopyright by LumiResources I Support Copyrights Stamp by jo-shadow Artists Permission Button by DoctorMLoli


If you want to ask me send me a note or comment on my page. I won't bite =D

If I have drawn an art trade or a gift for you then you are free to promote and use my artwork as long as you give me credit for it ;)

I support Constructive Criticism on my art and characters so feel free to give your critiques here!!!!

If you are going to criticize my OCs and Fan characters don't just say, "Your characters suck!" or "Your characters are Mary Sues/Gary Stus!" Explain why and provide examples. Believe me this helps me a lot on how I can improve on creating believable characters.

Draw for fun-Stamp by Dinoclaws Read artist descriptions by MyStamps Read The Description Stamp by DragonHeartLuver I love Feedback by Sweet-DooDo Constructive Criticism Stamp by zanboniejim As in, no 'THIS JUST SUCKS' by endler Stamp: don't judge a FC by Jeshika-Haruno A True OCxCanon Pairing by ChikitaWolf Pro FCxCC stamp by SA948-Stamps Stamp: give FCs a chance by Jeshika-HarunoPro OCxCanon Stamp by ReikoChan My oc... by Atlanta-Hammy Critique Please by LumiResources Mature Comments Please by LumiResources Get Bent Militant Atheists by genkistamps Fan Character Stamp by queen-of-pie Stamp: Fanchars are not OCs by Jammerlee "Mary Sue" says nothing. by LillianBell Don't have to like them by Mountny





1) Choose one of your own characters (OC).

2) Make them answer the following questions.

3) Then tag three people.

4) Feel free to add some questions of your own.


I've already did this meme for André and now I'll do it for my Android butler, Tron, since I haven't been giving him enough love and attention like I should *hugs Tron* :heart:. Anyways, here's your chance to finally get to know him Aoi Wink Icon Just to warn you he's the complete opposite from André.



1) What gender are you?

I am a male


2) What is your age?

I am 32 yrs, 6 months, and 9 days old .


3) Do you want a hug?

I do not mind if you hug me :shrug:

4) Do you have any bad habits?

None that I'm aware besides having the compulsion to have everything clean. Phil calls me a, "clean freak", on that matter.


5) What is your favourite food?

Since I do not require substance I am rather neutral on that matter. However, I do not mind oatmeal.


6) Would you kill an innocent?

Of course not.


7) Are you a virgin?

Yes I am. Why :stare:


8) Have you ever killed anyone?

No, my duty does not call for it.


9) Do you hate anyone? 

I think hatred is a strong word. However, I dislike our next door neighbors, "The Levinsky's". I find them rather irritating.....


10) Do you have any secrets?

If I told you, it would no longer be a secret now would it?


11) What is your favourite season?

For aesthetics I enjoy the winter.


12) Who is/are your best friend(s)?

André and Phil are my best friends 

13) What are your hobbies?

I play instruments (piano, organ, and harpsichord), paint, read, and compose my own music.


14) What is your favourite drink?

Even though I do not require substance I usually drink Earl Grey tea for pleasure Ciel Phantomhive (Drinking Tea) [V1] .


15) How far can you run?

I can run close to 20 hrs. Afterwards I would need to be charged.


16) How old do you think you'll live to be?

I am not certain since I have not been given an expiration date.


17) Are you nice or mean?

I am serious


18) Are you social or shy?

I consider myself to be neither of those adjectives. I have been told that I am introvert.


19) What do you think of your parents?

I am afraid I do not know my creator to well. On the day I was created the government assigned me to work as a butler under Phil Lombardi.

20) What's your weakness?

I tend to misinterpret people's emotions and I am limited in expressing my emotions. 


21) How long can you hold your breath under water?

12 hrs, 30 minutes, and 10 seconds.

22) What do you do on a regular day basis?

I clean the house, cook, do laundry, shopping, and compose music.


24) Ever been to the hospital?



25) What's your favourite time of day?

The evenings because I can relax


26) Ever worn a dress?

No :iconwthplz:


27) Willingly?

*rolls eyes and groans*

28) What do you consider fun in the day-time?

Composing my own music with Phil and André, painting, and strolling through Central Park


29) At night?

Performing at concerts

30) Ever kissed anyone?



31) ...Of the same gender?


32) It's clear you're gay.

*groans* :iconlurchplz:

33) What's your favourite thing to touch?

I do not understand the context of your question :confused:


34) Anyone loves you?

Phil and André love me very dearly

35) What's your favourite colour?



36) When was the last time you cried?

 I cried when Phil gave me an organ for my birthday. My crying was not for sadness but for joy :happycry:


37) Do you have a pet?

I consider Astro as my pet mainly because he is shared with the entire Lombardi residence (Phil and André)

38) Are you crazy?

No, I am logical.


39) What are you?

I am an Android.


40) What´s your nickname?

Just call me Tron or William.

41) Do you consider yourself a happy or a down person?

I thought I told you that I am just serious :stare:


42) If you were a superhero, you'd be...?

Why not a composer? 

43) Favourite weapon?

My feather duster but I do not consider it as a weapon. It's just my cleaning tool.

44) What is your current occupation?

Butler and musician  Austria emote 


 45) Who do you know that bugs you?

The Levinsky's and sometimes Phil's family.....


46) What's your favourite song?

Bach's, "Toccata and Fugue" in D minor…

47) Do you consider yourself a warrior?

No, I am just a loyal butler 

48) Have you 'done it' in the past month?

Why is my sex life relevant to you?


49) Ever think about getting married?



50) Have you ever had a sleepover with someone of the opposite sex?

Again, Irrelevant!


51) When was the first time you 'did it'?

Do I need to remind you that I am a virgin?

52) Do you have any piercings anywhere?



53) How about tattoos?




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