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Welcome to my gallery!! This gallery contains everything cute and nerdy!
BE WARNED :police:

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If you want to ask me send me a note or comment on my page. I won't bite =D

If I have drawn an art trade or a gift for you then you are free to promote and use my artwork as long as you give me credit for it ;)

I support Constructive Criticism on my art and characters so feel free to give your critiques here!!!!

If you are going to criticize my OCs and Fan characters don't just say, "Your characters suck!" or "Your characters are Mary Sues/Gary Stus!" Explain why and provide examples. Believe me this helps me a lot on how I can improve on creating believable characters.

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My last words to all visitors....

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I got this funny OC meme from my amiga :iconcuddlesaurus21: and decided to do this for my Lost In Time characters. This will give you all a chance to meet my characters and see how they're like especially the ones I haven't drawn or written about yet.

This meme has helped me keep sane during final exams. Important from the original meme: "YOU CAN USE OTHER CHARACTERS FROM OTHER THINGS IF YOU WANT TO. (Just to let you know OC=my own character, CC=canon character.)

1. Andre (OC; protagonist Android slave turned singer)
2. Phil Lombardi (OC; deuteragonist, who is a music producer and adoptive father of Andre)
3. Tron (OC; Loyal Android butler who is also a musician)
4. Ari Goldberg (OC; Cyberneticist who is Andre's creator/father)
5. Sabrina Arima (OC; Phasmatolian, who is sassy and is a prankster)
6. Miriam Goldberg (OC; Ari's wife who is a medical doctor)
7. Keisha Williams (OC; hip-hop/R n' B singer and one of Andre's best friends)
8. Sgt.Tiberius Steele (OC; a militia Android with the wits of a General but works as a Sergeant.)
9. Dr. Lawrence Walters (OC; Victorian scientist)
10. Celestia Ceres (OC; Android maid who wants to be a singer)
11. Adonis Troy (OC; Venusian jazz crooner and one of Andre's best friends)
12. Dexter Remington (OC; Head of The Android Abolitionist Agency)

NOW ANSWER. DO NOT CHEAT CAUSE THAT'S NO FUN. (<--I didn't cheat, I filled the character list out first! So now let's see what crazy character mix-ups I got.... )

1. 6 (Miriam Goldberg) and 11 (Adonis Troy) went to the mall. Which stores do they go to and what happens?


They would be shopping at a clothing store called Mystique in NYC and Adonis would help Miriam find a dress for her and perhaps give fashion tips :XD:


Miriam: *wears a puffy dress* Adonis do you think this dress looks good me? I want to look good for Ari since he’ll be taking me out to dance this evening.


Adonis: *starts walking around her to observe it* I’m sorry dear but that dress is a no go. You look like a Venusian Tulip. I think a dress that conforms to your body would best be recommended.

2. 2 (Phil Lombardi) had to go back to high school and their teacher is 10 (Celestia Ceres).

Celestia: Welcome everybody! I am your new dance teacher Celestia Ceres and I will be assigning you to a partner.


Phil: Aww man! Can’t we do any dancing that doesn’t require a partner like tap dancin’.


Celestia: Yes but that will be later in the semester when you will do an individual dance for your exam.

3. 4 (Ari Goldberg) now apparently goes to the same school as 2 (Phil Lombardi) and is a MEAN BULLY. What does 4 do to 2 and how does 2 deal with it?

I personally can’t imagine Phil bullying anyone so I’m doing a friendly twist instead ;).


Phil: *approaches Ari while he’s playing his violin* Hey you, new kid! I’ve been hearing rumors that you know how to dance is that true?


Ari: Yes, what do you have in mind?


Phil: *gets a loud speaker and starts announcing* I challenge you to a dance competition this Saturday at 7pm at the arcade and we’ll be dancing on the Dance Evolution game. The whole school is invited! *classmates start cheering outside the hallway*


Ari: Ken! I gladly accept your challenge.


Phil and Ari: Jumping High-Five - NaNoEmo Day 11 


4. 10 (Celestia Ceres) walks by in the hallway during this. What does 10 do about it?


Celestia: *hears the announcement* If you don’t mind Phil I can do the timing.


Phil: Sure thing Cece!

5. 8 (Sgt. Tiberius Steele) and 12 (Dexter Remington) have a pie fight. What kind of pie is it and why did they get into a pie fight anyways?!

Dexter: I find this activity to be impractical.


Tiberius: Nonsense! It’s supposed to help you to defend yourself. Now when I count to 3 we’ll both be throwing these blueberry pies at each other.


Dexter: *tries to interrupt Tiberius*But!


Tiberius: 1-2-3! Bombs away! *starts throwing pies*


Dexter: *tries to duck at Tiberius attempts at aiming at him*

6. 2 (Phil), 6 (Miriam Goldberg) and 9 (Dr. Lawrence Walters) build a house and live in it together. How does this go over?

If they built a house together it would look like a two story futuristic house with Steampunk elements. Of course, they would invite Andre, Ari, and Tron to live with them there.

7. 7 (Keisha) is forced to eat whatever 3 (Tron) decides to cook up for him/her. What does 3 make and why?


Keisha: Oh boy waffles!


Tron: Breakfast is served *serves Keisha oatmeal*


Keisha: *looks disappointed* Um Tron where’s my waffles?


Tron: Waffles are an unhealthy diet for humans. You gain more health benefits with oatmeal because you need fiber *starts going into too much details about health benefits of oatmeal*
8. 12 (Dexter Remington) just fell out a window somehow. What does 8 (Sgt. Tiberius Steele) do about it?

Dexter: *is out flying out the window* Blast! I’m going to have my office underground instead!


Tiberius: *places a jumping castle for Dexter to land in*

9. 1 (Andre), 4 (Ari Goldberg ), 6 (Miriam Goldberg), 7 (Keisha) and 11 (Adonis Troy) all go to the movies to see a new romantic comedy. How do they all react?

Andre: Yuck! Is this what humans watch for entertainment?


Ari: *sighs* I’m afraid so my son.


Miriam: *starts shouting at the screen* This movie has too many negative stereotypes about women!


Keisha: *looks bored* Who’s bright idea was it to choose this movie?


Adonis: I was thinking this movie would be good just like the Venusian romance movies but I was wrong :blush:

10. What if it was a horror movie?

*Ari and Miriam are watching an action movie instead*


Keisha: Now this is what I call a movie! *starts eating popcorn*


Andre: This isn’t so bad at least it’s better than that romance movie.


Adonis: *starts shivering and starts holding Andre’s hand* I don’t like this movie can we go home already!?

11. 2 (Phil) is hanging off the edge of a cliff and 3 (Tron) is being chased by a monster. Who does 9 (Dr.Lawrence Walters) save first?

Since Tron can defend himself Dr.Walters would save Phil first with one of his inventions.


12. 5 (Sabrina Arima) is writing a letter to Santa Clause. What does the letter say?

Dear Father Christmas,

If you are real can you reunite me with my parents? I have been separated from my parents for a year and I miss them so much. I feel so lonely without them and it doesn’t help that I’m stuck in a time era that I am not familiar with. If you do you’ll be making one little Phasmatolian’s dream come true.


Thank you,
Sabrina Arima

13. 12 (Dexter Remington) was forced to go on a blind date by 3 (Tron) and it turns out that his/her date is 7 (Keisha)!


First of all Tron wouldn’t do that since he doesn’t like to interfere into people’s personal affairs but  Cassie (Cassiopeia), who is another Android character who I didn’t mention in this meme and she works as a spy and secretary for the Android Abolitionist Agency, would totally poke her nose into Dexter’s personal life.


Cassie: Oh boss I have a surprise for you!


Dexter: That’s kind of you Cassie but you didn’t have to get me anything.


Cassie: It’s nothing! Since you haven’t dated anyone in a while I thought I would set you up on a date with R&B singer Keisha Williams =D


Dexter: What!? No! I just had evening plans with Evangeline. Now how am I supposed to juggle with two women!?


Cassie: You can always say Eva is chaperoning you :XD:


Dexter: Oh shush!


(Evangeline aka Eva is another Android character who works as a spy for the Android Abolitionist Agency. Evangeline and Dexter like each other but they don’t know how to approach each other on the topic.)



14. Truth or dare time! 10 (Celestia) asks 5 (Sabrina Arima) and 5 chooses dare. What does 10 dare 5 to do?

Celestia: Alright I dare you to not prank anyone for a whole day.


Sabrina: No way! Pranking is what I do best.


Celestia: But since you agreed to play this game that means you have to do what I say.


Sabrina: *sighs* Fine I’ll try to avoid pranking.

15. Now 5 (Sabrina Arima) asks 11 (Adonis Troy) and 11 chooses truth. What does 5 ask of 11?


Sabrina: What is your most embarrassing memory?


Adonis: Um… I accidentally ripped my pants when I was performing at a concert :blush:

16. 2 (Phil Lombardi) has been locked out of his/her hotel room with no clothes on and 7 (Keisha) is making their way down the hall. What does 2 do? How does 7 react?


Keisha: *surprised from Phil’s appearance* Mr. Lombardi what happened to you!?


Phil: Long story short kid but I got locked out of my house while I came out from swimming and I was wondering if you have any clothes to spare til Tron gets back from shopping?


Keisha: I’ll see what I have available and you can wait at my place =D

17. 8 (Sgt.Tiberius Steele) just heard the news that 5 (Sabrina ) and 3 (Tron) are getting married. How does 8 react to this?...

Sorry but Tron is not a pedophile! However, I could imagine Sabrina pranking Tron into wearing a wedding dress.


Tiberius: *enters in and sees Tron in a wedding dress* Tron you’re sick! I never knew you were a crossdresser and I thought you were better than that!

Tron: It is not what you think sir. I was wearing my butler suit until all of a sudden I was “poofed” into this dress.


Sabrina: *giggling in the background*

18. 4 (Ari Goldberg) starts a rock band with 7 (Keisha), 10 (Celestia Ceres), 5 (Sabrina Arima) and 1 (Andre). Who sings, who plays lead guitar, who plays rhytm guitar, who plays bass and who plays drums. Are they successful?

Singer: Andre

Lead Guitar:Ari

Rhythm Guitar: Keisha

Bass: Celestia

Drums: Sabrina


Yup they would be successful Platinum sellers.


19. 2 (Phil Lombardi) and 12 (Dexter Remington) are trapped in a Wal-Mart with zombies all around. They're starting to get into the store, what do they do!?

Phil: Oh Dio Mio! Were surrounded by zombies!


Dexter: Get behind me and whatever you do don’t let them touch you! *gives Phil a laser gun as he gets one for himself*


*Phil and Dexter start running while shooting at zombies*

20. Meanwhile 3 (Tron) and 11 (Adonis Troy) are trapped at the supermarket next door. How do they plan to meet up with 2 (Phil Lombardi) and 12 (Dexter Remington)?

Tron and Adonis would drive by in a hover car and crash through the store while searching for Phil and Dexter.

21. If 7 (Keisha) was a poke'mon trainer, what poke'mon would they have?.


If she was a pokemon trainer she would own a mix of psychic and fairy type pokemon =D

22. What song would you pick to represent 1 (Andre) the most?

I have too many songs for him but one of my songs for him is:


When You Wish Upon A Star- Josh Groban:…

23. Now for 3 (Tron)?


Toccata & Fugue- Bach :…

24. Lastly for 9 (Dr. Lawrence Walters)?

Not sure I still need to develop his character. Probably She Blinded Me With Science:…


25. 10 (Celestia) had a nightmare and rushes to 5's (Sabrina Arima) room to tell them about it. What was the nightmare and what was 5's reaction?

Celestia: Sabrina, I had a horrible dream of being dismantled by my master.


Sabrina: *hugs her* If I was in your dream I would have scared the living daylights out of him.


26. 12 (Dexter Remington) just got a job babysitting three toddlers. How does this go?

He’d be too overwhelmed with all of the kids running around him but eventually he would effectively take care of them.

27. If 5 (Sabrina Arima) were a rapper what would his/her rap name be?

Lil Phaz  (I’m afraid I’m not to good at creating rapper names)


28. 6 (Miriam Goldberg) caught 2 (Phil Lombardi) and 11 (Adonis Troy) making out.

Sorry but I’m not doing this one because Phil is a heterosexual and he is not attracted to men.

29. 5 (Sabrina Arima) was kidnapped by 3 (Tron) and 1 (Andre) teams up with 7 (Keisha) to rescue them. What happens?

Again, Tron is not the type to be kidnapping anyone especially kids!  So I’m doing a twist instead. Basically Tron finds Sabrina because she was lost in the city and he calls Andre and Keisha to meet up with them. Afterwards, they all go to an ice cream parlor and eat some icecream.


30. Now all the characters get together for a big party and you're there. How do they all react to you being there and putting them through all this?

Andre: Well that was fun!

Phil: After all this I think I’m headin’ the hay.

Tron: I appreciate your effort in creating plot twists to the given scenario I was placed in. If it was not for that I would be very displeased.

Ari Goldberg: I suppose it was ok. Though it could have been worse.

Sabrina Arima: Aww man! Did it have to end already!? The fun was just beginning :la:!

Miriam Goldberg: It wasn’t too bad.

Keisha Williams: It’s been quite an adventure.

Tiberius Steel: No fair! Dexter had more fun scenes than I did!

Dr.Walters: I wish I could have had more scenes but at least I was able to use one of my inventions in this meme.

Celestia Ceres: I enjoyed the company.

Adonis Troy: That was a dreadful experience! I’m going home!

Dexter Remington: I thought most of these scenarios were ludicrous.

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