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I've finally decided to make a new account. I have several reasons why I want to leave this account and in no particular order.

1. I feel that I'm no longer living up to my username. When I chose this username I was into Star Trek:TNG and Data was my favorite character. Data is still my favorite character from the series and I still like Star Trek: TOS-DS9 but my artwork has strayed away from Star Trek and has been more towards my OCs and original works like Project Droid and I'm currently working on two other fictional stories (A fantasy genre story and a Christian fiction story). I don't want people relating me to just one fandom because I have other fandoms such as Tim Burton films, Disney, and Sailor Moon just to name a few out of so many that I would like to give attention too.

2. My old artwork is awful! As I look back at my gallery my art style and art medium has improved compared to back then when I started. During that time I was trying to explore my drawing style by experimenting art styles of some of my favorite artists like Tim Burton and Disney as well as drawing in manga/anime style. Now that I've found my own style of drawing I would like to take this change to my new account. Don't get me wrong I still need more improvement on art techniques such as shading, texture, and body anatomy. Now as I look at my old artwork I just think it looks horrible especially the coloring.

3. I want to explore more on Christianity. Lately, I've been reading books on Christian thought and spiritualism as well as viewing other DA accounts on here that promote Christian art and thought. It's inspired me to do the same thing but I would feel more comfortable doing this on a new account than on this account because I have some watchers on here who don't share these viewpoints and in no way would I want to give them the wrong impression that I'm shoving or forcing my beliefs on them. I understand that talking about religion is considered a touchy subject and some people feel uncomfortable reading, viewing, or talking about it. However, my purpose for doing so is to relate with other Christians on this site as well reaching out to non-Christians who are curious and want to learn about it and to encourage conversation on such matters. On my new account I plan to do a weekly or monthly Bible reflection on a verse or particular topic as well as artwork.

Here are some examples from friends and inspirational people I watch on how I would approach Christianity:

Jesus with Easter Rabbits by Madame-Kikue You Are Loved by cuddlesaurus21  The Gospel According to MeIn other words, why in the world do I follow, serve, and love Jesus?
Well, there’s a good bit of reasons, not sorted by importance: all of them are pretty relevant.
I realize I’m made in the image of God as a human being, which I understand I’m made for a lot more than what I think I am.  In the Christian understanding of humanity being made in the image of God, it means not only are we merely accountable to a Creator, but it means we share a lot of positive attributes of God (to an extent, if we see God as being omnipotent).  We’re like an icon of God of sorts, reflecting the heavenly on earth, originally.  But if one is familiar with the Genesis account, things didn’t stay that way.
The things that I’ve limited myself to do because of my desires that don’t glorify God in a negative sense (sin) is what blurs my real purpose and destiny.  Thus, because of this wisdom of good and evil we’ve all embraced has giv

Anyways, if you want to watch my new account to keep up with what I'll be working on then comment on this journal and I'll note you my new account. I'm doing this to see who really wants to keep up with my work. Also, it's just a way for me to have a fresh start again.

However, I won't delete this account for those who appreciate my old work and for art trades and gifts I've done for others in the past. This will currently be a non-active account.



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